Hurt.Pain.Embarrassment. Love?!?!

Here you guys! Have a bit of Pub Pre serum Steve and Bucky Fic.
Warnings: Some triggers. Mentions of blood and cutting themself on glass.

The glass shone like that of a clear lake on a sunny day when Steve held it up to the light. He had nearly finished his rotor in the pub, only one more glass to g- SMASH. He stared down at the pile of gleaming shards and began to turn red as what felt like entire of the pub turned to the sound. He knelt down by it his hands shaking as he picked up the sharp glass pieces with his bare hands, he had got almost every piece until the last piece delved deeply into his hand when he attempted to grab it making a deep cut in his hand. The blood started to flow like a velvet red river and stained the carpet, Steve threw the glass in the bin and ran to the bathroom blushing and hurting and very very embarrassed. Often when Steve cut himself it took a long time to stop bleeding, the bleeding was extremely bad this time and after 5 or so minutes of swabbing the cut with shaking pale hands and rough toilet paper he began to panic looking in the mirror and seeing the gaunt pale face stare back at him. His hand was a mess and he didn’t have the vaguest idea of what to do. A miracle occurred next, just as Steve was losing hope and becoming faint the door swung open to the bathroom and a fairly tall man walked in not seeing Steve at first. When he did acknowledge him he smiled at him, his eyes traced down to his hand which he was clutching in a blood stained tissue his smile faded instantly and he locked eyes with Steve. ‘Are you okay?’ he asked reaching out without hesitation to grab the smaller mans wrist throwing the old tissue in the bin and stumbling over his shoes to get some more from another cubicle. The man pressed the paper tightly on his hand trying to read the smaller mans expression. Hurt, embarrassment, pain, love?!?!? Once the bleeding had subsided he took his time to carefully bandage the wound up. ‘Thank you’ Steve said sheepishly not making eye contact. ‘No problem, you want a drink?’ The man said tucking a strand of his almost-but-not-quite shoulder length dark brown hair behind his ear.’Yeah. Sure’ Steve said blushing, he plucked up the courage to ask ‘But before you do, can i get your name?’ The man smirked his dark eyes quirking and his body language and expressions seeming almost dark for a fleeting second. ‘Barnes. Bucky Barnes’ he said softly.
Steve tapped his fingers on the wooden table waiting for Bucky to return with the drinks. He watched as Bucky walked, and with perfect precision, brought over two full to the brim glasses of cider with full control of them and he didn’t spill a single drop. Steve didn’t think anything of this. ‘Sooooo, what’s your name pal?’ he enquired, he rested his elbows on the table and then his head in his hands making direct eye contact with Steve. Steve shuffled a bit biting his lip and clearing his throat. He made eye contact again and uttered ‘Steve Rogers’ looking back down at his scuffed beige shoes.